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May 28, 2016 @ 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm



Wassup MTLSF!

We are back once more with our 14th tournament serie! For this next Underground Hype event, to make things a bit more interesting and since everyone seemed to enjoy the format when we did it last time at the final chapter of USFIV, it will be a team battle format, but instead of being 3VS3 it will be 2VS2 (Check out the “Main Tournament (SFV)” section below for all the details regarding the rules). Once again, we are proud to have “Orange Maison” as a sponsor for our next event, which will provide free cans of “Base” energy drinks to keep the hype going for the whole evening! As usual, there will be interesting raffle prizes to be won if you entered the tournament. Regarding the equipment, as our last events, we will have plenty of lagless monitors all around but are missing PS4 consoles. Anyone willing to bring a PS4 console to the event will receive a refund for their 5$ entry fee. If you think about bringing your PS4 to the event, please post your intention under the event or simply message one of the hosts in order to let them know what to expect so they can plan accordingly.
For those who already been at our last events or who have read the description of our previous events, the following is pretty much a copy-paste of the same description, however, be sure to check out the “Main tournament (SFV)” section below for new information regarding the upcoming event.
Here is a resume of the main points of the evening:
-5$ entry
-Open from 2pm to 11pm
-SFV main event starts at 6pm, 5$ tournament fee, PS4 only, 2VS2 Team Battle
-Hot-dogs available at 1.50$ each
-Free bottles of water
-Free cans of “Base” energy drinks (provided by “Orange Maison”)
-Raffles draw at 6pm

Tournament rules
-Team Battle (2 VS 2)
-Best 2 out of 3 all the way
-Double bracket (Winners & Losers)
-Dualshock 4 pads, Converters and Legacy Controller Authentication allowed

If you are new to this event, its objective is simply to bring the local FGC together where anyone is welcome to join (underage included). If you consider yourself a casual player, this event will give you the experience of participating in a casual tournament. Instead of fighting your regular friends or people you don’t know online, you will have the opportunity of fighting real local people, each with their own style and knowledge, who share the same hobby as you. Although it will revolve a lot around Street Fighter, if you play other fighting games, you are more than welcome since we will have several other fight games title available for casuals and you can also bring your own.

Dualshock 4 pads, Converters and Legacy Controller Authentication
Since the last event, it seems as everyone got more familiar with the Legacy Controller Authentication which didn’t waste any time configuring and everyone had the reflex to check the paired controllers on the system before starting a tournament match, so we will still allow it at the next event. But please, before your match do not forget to unpair all devices that shouldn’t be there by going to Settings->Devices->Bluetooth Devices and select all of the DUALSHOCK 4 that are off and DELETE them.

Time, date and fees
The event will take place on Saturday May 28th and the place will be open from 2pm until 11pm. The casuals will start at 2pm and going until closure and the tournament for SFV will start at 6pm. An entry fee of 5$ will be charged per person to enter and an extra 5$ will be charged for the tournament entry if you wish to enter the tournament (explained in detail below) to help cover the expenses. Please note that the point of this event is not to make money, but to assemble the local Fighting Game Community together. As a matter of fact, once the expenses are covered, the extra money will go to the winners of the SFV tournament.

Main Tournament (SFV)
Other than the 5$ entry fee, an additional 5$ will be required if you wish to enter the tournament. The tournament will be for Street Fighter V and will be played on PS4 only. The tournament will be starting at 6pm and will be a double elimination style (Winners and Losers brackets). It will be a 2 VS 2 team battle format. Each player will fight against the opposing opponent, if you win one match, you will face the next opponent. If you win again, the match resets and you win 1 point, first to 2 points wins. When the match resets, you can then switch characters if you want or switch for your team mate to let him begin instead. It will be first to 2 for all tournament matches, even the finals. If you come and don’t have a team mate, we will try to match you with another person who is alone, and if need be, one of the organizers will enter as well so don’t be discouraged to come even if you don’t have anybody because it is guaranteed that you will be a part of a team. The winning prizes will be the exceeding of profits over expenses made during the evening (100% entry fees + 100% SFV tournament fees – 100% minor expenses) and will be spread as following: 1st – 70%, 2nd – 20% and 3rd – 10%.

The local itself is situated at the main floor of a condominium and is usually used for war veterans meetings, so we only ask of you to treat it respectfully. The local was the best location I could find for the relation quality/price and will allow a bigger pot for the winner of the tournament. It can hold around 60 persons, so we would greatly appreciate if you could click the “Going” button under the event if you are serious about coming to help us keep track of the number of participants. The local is situated at 4885 Boulevard Henri-Bourassa West (corner Henri-Bourassa and Marcel Laurin), and is located at the BACK of the building. The entrance is easily identifiable with the big maple leafs stickers on the door and the mention LEGION written.
If you come by car, there is a train station right in front of the local which you can use for parking. I discussed this point with the owner of the local in order to not have any problems with towing since the parking spot is for the users of the train, but he assured me that there should be no such problems. He always refer to that parking spot for people who are using this local and had no problems in the past since there is nobody present on place nor cameras that verifies if you truly are a customer for the train. So as for the parking spot, it is only a suggestion and is at your own discretion. Note that if you park your car there, it will be easily visible from the local itself. The train station parking mentioned is the second entrance on your right, just after you passed Henri-Bourassa while going on Marcel-Laurin north, and not the first one, which is reserved for residents with a pass.
If you come by either metro or bus, I suggest you to use the STM website and the “Itinéraire” tab which will allow you to enter your address and the local’s address and will propose you different travel options which you can then choose the most convenient one for you. If you managed to come by public transportation and are willing to tag along until closing time (around 11h30pm), it will be my pleasure to drop you off afterwards to the metro or even home depending on where you live.

Other basic information
– There are men and women bathrooms.
– There will be free bottle of waters provided.
– There will be free cans of “Base” energy drinks provided by “Orange Maison”
– A kitchen will be at our disposal so you can bring your own food or soft drinks if you want. Please note that the only thing you cannot bring regarding food and beverages is alcohol.
– For all of you who would like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while gaming, rest assured as the owner will be present at the bar for alcohol selling. When you pass through the main entry door, at your left will be the gaming room and at your right will be the bar with the owner. To enter the bar you must be at least 18 years old. It will be possible for you to bring the alcohol beverage bought from the bar into the gaming room.
– Due to the lack of restaurants in the nearby area, the owner will be selling hot-dogs at 1.50$ each during the event.
– Wi-Fi connection will be available (very limited connection though).

If you like the sound of this event, please help support it by coming by and having a good time gaming with people who share the same hobby as you. With your participation and support, it could easily be an event that we could arrange to host regularly for you guys.

I tried to be as much detailed as I can for this post by giving as much information as I could, but if you have any questions regarding subjects that aren’t covered in this post, feel free to send me your questions by Facebook messaging and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

On est désolé pour tous les francophones qui lisent cette annonce en anglais, mais par expérience personnelle, on a remarqué que les francophones peuvent tout de même comprendre l’anglais mais ce qui n’est pas nécessairement le cas pour l’inverse. Ainsi, le but de ce message en anglais est simplement d’attirer plus de monde. S’il y a quelque chose que vous n’avez pas compris dans cette annonce ou que vous avez besoin d’information supplémentaire, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous par la messagerie de Facebook.

Hope to see you guys there in great numbers!

Event Main Admin
MTLSF, Pavel Szczypior, Yuk Tang

Sincerely yours,
Pavel (EVO–777) & Yuk (Red_Cel)


May 28, 2016
2:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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LEGION – Henri-Bourassa West
4885 Boulevard Henri-Bourassa
Montreal, Quebec H4L 0A5 Canada
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