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    I grew up on halo, and halo has meant a great deal to me as a person, and in getting through various challenges throughout my life. seeing how it has died out has been very sad. how can we as a group bring halo back?

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    I’ve played a lot of Halo back in the days of the Xbox, but i never followed through to the X360. I only purchased Reach (which was quite nice) and i played a bit of the more recent Halo 4. It felt nice but I think it’s suffering from the same symptoms as CoD. Basically, at each game it feels like more of the same. The continuation of the narrative of Master Chief is really nice but as a multiplayer it got kinda old. I feel like it’s time for new games and new franchises to take the lead. Titanfall looks sweet, we’ll see if the multiplayer holds out in the long run. Destiny looks pretty good too, kind of like a next-gen Halo, and that’s pretty nice.

    But then again, i don’t have the nostalgia of the game, so maybe i’m way out of line 😀

    So, my two cents 😉

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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