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Gaming Confidence


Just as a low self confidence can affect your relationships and career in life, so can a lack of self confidence affect your gaming skills? Having a lack of self confidence is the greatest barrier that prevents gamers from achieving their peak performance. If you want to break through your own limits, you have to first remove the barriers that low self confidence builds around you.

There are many gamers who are able to perform well during Xbox Live and practice sessions, and yet when it comes to the MLG championships that they have been training the entire season for, their performance is so-so. This is often termed as a lack of gaming confidence.

… Self confidence is having faith and belief in your own ability and skills…

How does one achieve gaming confidence? Self confidence is having faith and belief in your own ability and skills, without letting doubts or other’s comments affect you. In order to achieve improved gaming confidence, you have to achieve the same things as having a strong self confidence. However, it goes beyond that. Do not let your previous games or plays determine your level of confidence. You should base your confidence on the hours and years of practice that you have.

It is easy for gamers to feel confident during practices, but they must be trained in gaming self confidence as well, in order to perform well. The best way to develop this is by working on building up mental strength through positive thinking. If you are a gamer, make a list of the thoughts and doubts that hold you back and cause you to feel less confident about your performance. So long as you hold on to these thoughts, or allow them to stick negative self labels on your gamertag, you will not be able to perform at your peak.

Gaming confidence is not built up overnight; it is something that is accumulated through years of practice and success. Your self confidence should be something that transcends having a good practice session, it should be able to withstand failed or less than optimal performances and still go on playing with confidence. Keep in mind that you are more than just your last play or game.

Professional video gamers are able to be champions because they believe that they are the best in the world…

Professional video gamers are able to be champions because they believe that they are the best in the world. Having a strong sense of self confidence in gaming is important, and the best way to improve it is by having a positive self image. Take a few moments everyday to remind yourself why you are the best in the world, and believe in yourself. When you are next in a big game, you will find that your improved self confidence will help you keep or perhaps even breakthrough the limits that you have set for yourself.


- Jeenyus: I've always loved your writing contributions to the MLG community.
- HoBgObLiN: Good read, I completely agree.
- MioFF: "Believe in your flyness, conqueer your shyness"
- Swordey: Good read. I've always said stuff about having confidence
 Ex: If you think you're BR is gonna suck, then it will.
 If you don't worry about it and play it cool w/o overthinking stuff, you'll do much better =]
- Karma (Pro Halo 2/3 player): This article was really an amazing read. So instead of a reply I decided to make a blog about it. If your interested come check it out! Tell me what you think =] KARMA'S BLOG


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